Lancome MRBIG Mascara Review 

So I received a sample of the Monsieur Big mascara from Lancome so I thought I’d do a little review on the product. 

Here it is:

So the wand is quite big, and as you can see is shaped so that it covers and separates every lash. The formula is perfect – not too wet and not overly thick which is great! I love the pink and black packaging. I think it makes it the product look super classy and sophisticated. I was definitely impressed with this product, especially when I got the below results.

Here are my lashes beforehand:

As you can see I have blonde lashes so you can barely make them out. They are also quite short so I need a decent mascara to make a significant difference. 

I have to say that I was not disappointed at all!

As you can see, my lashes are profoundly lengthened, darkened and volumised. I wore this to work this morning and got a few compliments on how nice my eye makeup looked so I am so happy with this. 

Would I buy the full size product?  Why yes, I definitely would. Thank you Lancome! 

Thanks for reading!

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***not sponsored in any way. I won the sample in a Twitter giveaway 


T-Zone Skin Clearing Face Moisturiser Review 

Hi guys!

So I used this product this morning as I usually do and thought, why on earth have I not posted a review about this little gem yet? So here it is!

I picked up the T-Zone Skin Clearing Moisturiser a little while ago. I brought it at Superdrug  however I’ve just gone to check and I can’t see this on Superdrug or T-Zone’s website so I may have to enquire about it as I really hope it hasn’t been discontinued!  You can however buy it from Amazon here.

So I hope this product is still available as I love it however T-Zone do have a range of charcoal products that I really want to try so if I can get this again I’ll get some other products and review them here.

So the moisturiser contains tea tree and eucalyptus – you can tell straight away that it has tea tree oil in it as the scent – Oh t hi at scent. If you’re a tea tree Lover like me you’ll love it! It’s is described as being ‘effective daily skincare and naturally anti-bacterial’ to help fight blemishes and prevent new ones. I’m lucky enough to not get many spots (instead I have large pores and dull combination skin) however I certainly haven’t noticed any spots while I’ve been using this my skins feels much softer.

It claims to be lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-greasy. Yeah I’d agree with that. I only use a tiny amount, it’s all you need (hence why it’s lasted me months) and I don’t personally find it greasy. I put iron just before I started writing this post and it has fully absorbed. My skin feels soft, hydrated and clean and I am loving it!

It is also parabens free, (winner!) and doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance, you can just smell the gorgeous tea tree smell!

For such a cheap brand, I’d say to definitely give it a go because if it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t a fortune trying it. That’s if it’s still available – let me know if you know, or I’ll find out and update it here.

Thanks for reading! 

E x

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Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara Review 

Hi guys! 

So I wanted to do a quick review on a drugstore mascara – this one is from Makeup Revolution. It’s no secret that Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands ever, their products are incredibly affordable and the majority of the products are excellent quality and they do some amazing dupes which is perfect if you’re like me and can’t really afford the high end brands!

So this mascara is sooo affordable it’s unreal!  I brought this from the TAMBeauty website and it is only £2!! You can buy it here.

So for £2 I definitely wasn’t expecting anything great, however I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously it isn’t exactly the mascara to rival all mascaras, but I think it is great, especially for the money. 

The brush is slightly oval, there may be a proper word for that but I’m sure you get what I mean, and isn’t huge or difficult to use at all and can be used easily on both upper and lower lashes.

On the website this is described as  “Add amazing volume root to tip in just one stroke. This Amazing Volume mascara magnifies your lashes to give amazing volume effect without any clumping! The revolutionary volume brush allows for full coats separating the lashes root to tip for maximum volume all day!”. 

Now I definitely agree that it volumises my lashes and definitely lengthens them. It really makes my eyes pop. The formula is good, not dry and not too watery either which is perfect! Here you can see the difference between no mascara and this mascara :

This was two coats of mascara, I always put two coats on regardless, don’t know why, it’s just a habit of mine. As you can see, one negative is that contrary to the description on the website, it does slightly clump some of the lashes together however it’s £2 so it wasn’t a huge shock, but despite that I think it works so so well.  I didn’t curl my lashes at all so what you see is literally what you get, this is great imo. My eyelashes are literally so much longer and more volumises and also curled really well. The black pigment is really good too, as you can see from the photo – my blondey lashes definitely needed it! Obviously they are different eyes, I don’t actually know why I didn’t take a photo of the same eye, but you can see the effect perfectly still.

I think that this is great for just £2 I usually use it in the week at work and I’d definitely repurchase. 

Have you tried this? Or what mascara are you loving right now? Leave a comment below and let me know! (ooooh that rhymes, woo hoo!)

Thanks for reading my lovelies! X

E x

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August Favourites! 

Hey guys! 

I can’t believe I’m writing my August favourites, A- this year has gone by so quickly and B- if you’re from the UK like me it’s been rubbish weather this month and hasn’t really felt like August should!  Summer seems to definitely have gone :(.

Anyway, here are my favorites this month.

Here we have Burts Bees lip balm in the flavour pomegranate, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for combination and sensitive skin, Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves mascara, Makeup Revolution Iconic Contour Palette in ‘Smoulder’, Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub and, believe it or not, M&S Formula Face Wash for MEN.

I am loving this lip balm right now! I hadn’t actually tried any Burts Bee’s products before although I’d heard all of the hype and I can see why. It leaves my lips looking super smooth and feels so moisturising, I make sure I have this with me at all times!

I have been using this morning and night and I love it! It’s perfect for my combination skin. It instantly takes away any excess oils, but without making my skin feel dry. It’s excellent for taking my makeup off – even mascara is easy to remove. It also says on the bottle, which is 400ml, that it contains 200 uses. Since I’ve had this since May/June time and i’ve been using it nearly every day I’d say this is a very true statement as i’ve still got loads left.

So I don’t really have many Rimmel London products, and I wasn’t sure what this mascara would be like, but I have to say I absolutely love it. It’s great for day and night wear and instantly volumises my lashes. One thing I will say is that the wand takes a little bit of practice so that your lashes don’t clump together – if you can avoid this it makes a great mascara. 

I brought this palette so that I had a travel size contour set when I went on holiday, but I have fallen in love with it, especially the highlighter!  It’s so pigmented, the glow is incredible! I’ve had so many compliments while wearing this highlighter, and people are always shocked that’s it’s part of a £3.50 serfdom MUR, they always thinks it’s really high end! I also love the blush, it’s great for spring and summer, a bright pink that isn’t too overwhelming and lasts all day! I’d recommend only using a little bit on your brush though as it’s very pigmented and a little goes along way. I don’t really use the bronzing shade as much a single find it’s a bit to orangey -brown for me, and doesn’t really suit my reasonably pale skin tone (I don’t have the palest skin shade, but not too far off of it). It may suit other skin tones better, but I just use it as an eyeshadow. 

This exfoliator is an absolute God send. It has a subtle citrusy-orangey fresh scent which smells so clean but isn’t overwhelming. It feels great on the skin and I can definitely notice the difference putting makeup on after using this compared to not – my skin is more glowing and my pores are much less obvious. I’d say to anyway with really sensitive skin to maybe try a little patch at first but other than that I’d definitely recommend it to anyone! 

Now you’re probably thinking ‘hang on, that says ‘for men’, what is she on about. Well, let me tell you! As i’ve explained in recent posts my other half and I have just brought our first house together and have been completely doing it up, so not all of our stuff is here yet. When we first stayed overnight, I only had makeup wipes with me, however I found this little beauty in my OH ‘s toiletries bag. Oh wow. It contains African pepper extract and vitamin E and you can definitely tell this, the pepper creates a subtle warming and plumping sensation which I love, and the vitamin E leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft. Girls and guys, this is amazing! 
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New Beginnings

Well I certainly haven’t been on here in a long time!

If you still follow me and you’re reading this thank you very much for staying with me and if you new welcome, I will try not to leave it so long in future!

So basically, so much has happened in the last three months!

I graduated university with a 2:1 which I was over the moon about and loved my graduation ceremony!

I went to the USA and something very exciting happened to me! My boyfriend of four and a half years proposed to me so I am officially engaged! He asked me overlooking the waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park and it was just perfect 😍 expect to see posts about wedding planning eek!

And finally, me and my now fiancé have brought our first house together!  It’s in a wonderful little village and I love it! Yet still only a half hour drive to work yes! It was in need of a complete restoration so since we got the keys on 1st July we have been working on it every weekend and most evenings! Just over one month on and two bedrooms, the living room, the hallway, the porch and the downstairs bathroom are complete, with the stairs, landing and master bedroom only waiting on carpet. Bathroom is painted and it only had a bath so we’ve installed a shower cubicle, plumber it all in a now we just have a few more bits and pieces to do. We have made a start on clearing the kitchen ready for our new one. It’s all so exciting and it will be so worth it but I cannot wait until it’s finished!  I’ll post before and after photos when it is done!

Also, as a kind of new start for my blog as it’s the start of a new kind of life for me, I’ve changed my domain to I’m not making up names there it’s derived from my real name, Michelle. I pronounce it ‘Mee-shell’ rather than ‘mer-shell’, just because my mum has always pronounced it Mee-shell so anything else doesn’t sound right. Most of my friends and family call me Miche for short (‘meesh’) but I also get called Shell and Michey etc.  ‘Ella’ comes from the ‘Elle’ bit at the end, so I’m going to use that nickname for my blog. I took the title ‘Tuesday’s Child’ as I am just that – I was born on Tuesday 9th January 1996. Bit of useless information but I do ramble on a lot in real life so just reflects me😂

So anyway, now that there shouldn’t be too much more renovating to do I will try and get back into blogging 🙂

Ella x

I’ve finished university!! 😀

Hi guys 

So I haven’t posted in a while,  and this is due to the fact that I have been working on my final ever university assignment! I submitted it last night, so it’s all over!

I cannot believe that three years is up. Now to look forward to my graduation ceremony in June and hope that my results are good! 

I’ll hopefully have a lot more time to blog now so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also super excited that I fly to the USA on Thursday! 
I already have a job – I did temporary agency work around uni and now have been made permanent as a Fleet Coordinator and I absolutely love where I work and all of the peoplr which is always a huge bonus!For now, I can relax. 

Exciting times!😍
Ella xxx

April Favourites! 💛

#April Favourites

Hi guys!

I cannot believe that it is time for another favorites post already!  Where did April go?? It’s literally crazy.

So here are my favorites this month:

These are all very affordable items and I love them all😍
Makeup Remover Cloths from B&M

So I’ve seen lots of praise for the original Makeup Eraser which retails at around £15. I had always used Makeup wipes to take my makeup off but when I saw this 2 Pack of make up remover cloths in my local B&M store for only £1.99 I just had to try them. My verdict: absolutely brilliant!  Now obviously I can’t compare this to the original, but from what I’ve seen they look very similar and do pretty much the same job. I wasn’t expecting much but I was amazed at how quickly and easily my makeup came off with this! As it’s quite large I can get four uses out of the same towel by using on half on one side at a time, and then it can be put in the washing machine and reused. Easier to take off make up with than wipes, cheaper in the long run and less waste as you would have with make up wipes. I’m sold!

Baptiste Dry Conditioner Smoothing Conditioning Mist.

So I am a huge fan of Baptiste dry shampoos: they are literally my holy grail! As a result I decided to try this dry Conditioner, and I love it! I usually spray it on damp ends to lock in moisture as it dries but do give my hair a quick spray now and then if it’s a bit dry or flat. I don’t find it greasy at all but then I do only spray on the ends, not the roots, just in case.

Schwarzkopf got2be Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray.

Bit of a mouthful there. So I have to be honest, I only bought this because it had ‘mermaid’ in the name.. Judge me. However I’ve found this soo nice!  It’s makes your hair feel like you’ve been on holiday and, as someone who has such annoyingly flat hair, I love the texturizing effect! Also helps to keep waves in your hair longer imo. I love the packaging too, all tropical and bright and sunny! Perfect for mermaid hair!

*Sidenote: Confession Time. When I was little I was desperate to be a mermaid when I grew up, Ariel was my inspiration. I cannot explain how gutted I was when my mum had to tell me they were mythical creatures when I was about six, it broke my little heart. So you can imagine how happy I was when the whole mermaid trend thingy started, I WILL be a mermaid! 😂😍

Makeup Revolution Pro-Prime Aqua Priming Base

So I really like this stuff. It’s basically water with a few added extras in it and I love how hydrated and fresh it leaves my skin before I put my make up on, and it is an excellent base. I think it will be good when we have some hot weather to freshen up and cool your skin (that’s IF we have some hot weather, if like me you’re British you’ll know that we wait patiently for summer but only get about four days a year when you can actually wear shorts outside, and then in true British fashion, we complain about it being too humid. We like to complain). I will add though that this does contain a hint of perfume – I really like the subtle scent but I know that isn’t for everyone, especially if you have really sensitive skin.

Accessorize Baked Bronzer in the shade ‘Bermuda’ 

Now I have had this forever,it was brought for me one Christmas or birthday and as I never used to use bronzer, I never used it at the time. So me. Anyway now that. I use bronzer I finally got round to using it properly and I love it! It’s not overpowering or too orangey (contrary to my awful photo taking skills) and just has a slight subtle hint of shimmer so it’s gorgeous for summer!  Not sure if Accessorize still stock this but if they do, I’d definitely recommend! 

Make up Revolution Dream Blush Pallete 

Please excuse the fact that I ended up swatching back to front, hence why the numbers are in the wrong order. It’s annoying me. Never mind!

So I never really used blush before I brought the Makeup Revolution ’12 Days of Christmas’ set and this blush pallete was included. Check that post out here😘. Now though,  I rarely leave the house without some blushed cheeks thanks to this gorgeous pallete! As you can see from the above photo, there are a nice mix of subtle and pale shades to brighter, bolder shades. Perfect for night and day!

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Brows Brow Kit.

 This item was again included in the 12 Days of Christmas set and I’m so glad! I love this kit! The kit includes: 4x powders, 2x tints, 1x highlighter, 1x strobe balm, 1x brow enhancing wax, 1x brow sealing wax. 

Just check out the strobe balm (top) and the highlighter! How gorgeous are these!? Perfect not only for your eyebrow arch but also for your ordinary highlight too! Large pans aswell – Love it!

Please ignore the fact that this photo makes the tints look grimy, it’s honestly the lighting, promise! Anyway,  the top four are the powders and the bottom two are the cream tints. I usually use the darkest tint and I love it, it really makes my brows look defined! I use this all the time now!

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Lip Colour in the shade ‘Amen’.

Last but certainly not least! Love this shade, it’s such a nudey-peachy-pinky colour and really works!  I also really like how different the lip applicator is, as I find it much easier to glide the colour over the lips than a regular one. I wouldn’t say it’s completely matte but it isn’t glossy either, it’s really creamy and not drying at all which is perfect for me. I definitely want to try some more colours! 

So there we have it, April is over (almost). I hope you had a wonderful April, hello May!
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